Bronze Package

More on our driving lessons packages and what they include
  • highly qualified, experienced, and compassionate driving instructors
  • instructors are Province of New Brunswick certified, which includes a background check
  • reliable, comfortable, and safe province-certified dual-brake equipped driver’s ed cars
  • the most expensive car insurance you can imagine
  • easy online driving lesson scheduling
  • pick-up and drop-off at your home or the preferred location
  • feedback on student progress after each lesson
  • guidance on what the student should practice between lessons

All our behind-the-wheel instruction includes:

  • Instruments & Controls
  • Steering Control
  • Braking Control
  • Right Turns
  • Left Turns
  • Turns in Traffic
  • Line Control
  • Lane Changes
  • Pulling to Curb
  • Pulling From Curb
  • Uphill Parking
  • Downhill Parking
  • Angle Parking
  • Parallel Parking
  • Backing Up Straight
  • Reverse Turn
  • Night Driving

The important thing

This is for you to rationally decide how many lessons to take. DON’T expect a beginning driver to be a safe and confident driver with just 4, or 8 or 12 (or even 20) driving lessons.

For example, the state of Florida requires a beginning teen driver to have completed a minimum (MINIMUM) of 50 hours of supervised driving practice before getting their driver’s license. And at least 10 of those hours must be at night. And they didn’t have snow! These are minimums, we strongly advocate MORE practice than this. Get out and drive!

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