How do the in-class courses work?

Driving School in Saint John and Driving Lessons n Saint John New Brunswick
Driving School in Saint John and Driving Lessons in Saint John New Brunswick
The opportunity to study IN-Class at our Young Pro Drivers Academy allows you to choose a time convenient for you during the week or on weekends. Choose a convenient schedule for your Individual Driving Lessons in Saint John  in our calendar at this link:

We are one of the best Driving Schools in Saint John, New Brunswick. Our Driving School in Saint John provides each registered student with some of the best learning materials in the industry:
Publisher: NTSA International  which includes:
1. NTSA International Today`s Drivers Manual ( a textbook with all the courses’ theory divided into modules and chapters. )
2. NTSA International Today`s DriversWorkbook
(a textbook for new drivers, and a workbook with exercises and assignments).
The learning process in the classroom is simple and convenient.
1. You register for the course of your choice and pay tuition fees depending on the form of payment you choose.
2. You come to class according to the schedule.
3. At the first lesson, you will receive two books that will help you study in the course.
  • Textbook. NTSA International Today`s Drivers Manual. The textbook is a detailed course divided into modules and chapters.
  • Workbook. NTSA International Today`s DriversWorkbook. The workbook is a set of exercises to reinforce the theme of each module and each chapter.
The student has the right to take the textbook home to repeat the topics of the lessons and prepare for classes. The workbook is used by the student in class to complete exercises and prepare for tests.

4. For each module and topic studied, the student takes a test in class. The minimum score is 70%
5. After successfully passing the test, the student proceeds to the next topic.
6. When your classroom training is completed and you have successfully passed all the tests and received your 7-1 license, you can start your lessons in the car.

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